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Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl T-Shirt Printing

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Vinyl is known for its affordability and durability. Vinyl can often last as long, or even longer than the garment it’s is printed on. 

Unlike cheaper printing methods like iron-ons, vinyl does not crack, peel or fade as easily.

Pre-mature fading or damage usually occurs when the garment is mishandled and not properly taken care of. Read on our vinyl care for more information.


Vinyl can feel slightly raised or flat on the shirt, depending on the thickness of the material we print with.

Texture can be smooth, plastic-y and glossy, but can also be soft and matte. This is also dependant on the material.

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How Is Vinyl Printed?

Vinyl transfers start out as blank sticker-like sheets that we print and cut into the shape of your design. 

Once printed, we pick off the excess until the transfer print matches your digital version. 

Then, we prep, measure, and place the transfer on your shirt (adhesive side down), and run it through a heat press to finalize your print.

Vinyl is awesome for:

  • Colourful designs
  • Jerseys/team uniforms
  • Non-profit/volunteer shirts

What You’ll Need To Print With Vinyl:

We highly recommend that you send us your design as a Vector file. This is so your design will stay crisp and sharp even when printed.

Alternatively, a PNG with a high DPI (300 dpi) is also fine, but we can not guarantee the same quality.

In Summary: The Pros & Cons Of Vinyl

What You’ll Love About Vinyl:

  • Durable. Often outlives the garment it’s printed on.
  • Print in any and all colours. Note: Computer screens process colours in RGB, but print is in CYMK. This means that colours may vary between your printed and digital versions.
  • Good for all designs. Similar to a regular printer, our vinyl machine can print anything that’s given to us digitally.
  • Affordable printing option. Vinyl is the most balanced of all printing options, and brings both quality, and affordability to the table. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Small details may be lost in print. Blending colours for gradients or dark shadows, is a labouring task for the machine. Because of this, such colours may not be as vibrant on the final print. Although this isn’t usually noticeable, it’s something you should keep in mind when deciding on a printing option.

How To Care For Vinyl?

Washing Instructions

  • Flip inside out, wash in cold water.

    This prevents your print from fading and the adhesive from loosening. Wash with similar colours.

    Use a mild detergent. Do not use detergents that contain bleach!

Drying Instructions

  • Flip inside out, dry at low tumble setting.

    If possible, take out the garment before it’s completely dry and hang it (out of sunlight) as repeated washes and excessive heat may fade the print. 

  • Hang dry, out of direct sunlight.

    Air/Hang drying  is one of the best ways maintain a vinyl printed garment!

Ironing Instructions

  • Flip inside out, iron at a low heat setting.

    Ironing directly onto the print will cause it to melt, and warp your design. We also reccomend to iron your garment with another cloth on top of it, just to be safe. 

General Care

  • Do not dry clean.

    Chemicals used in dry cleaning may harm and damage your print. 

  • Do not bleach.

    If you must, use a cloth and spot clean your garment.

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