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Everything You Need To Know DTG Printing

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DTG printed shirts are durable and can survive a number of washes before showing wear, if you follow these guidelines.

DTG prints with water-based ink. Because of this prints do not come out with the same vibrancy as other printing methods, but is superior when it comes to capturing photo realistic details, like shading, gradients and different blends of colours.

DTG is also great for text only prints!


DTG is thin, and because of this, shares the same texture as your apparel of choice. 

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What Is DTG Printing?

DTG, or direct-to-garment is printing done directly to your shirt. 

Similar to how we print on paper, our DTG machine prints your design using water-based ink. The applied ink is absorbed into the fibres of your shirt. 

Once completed, we run the shirt through a heated press, to finalize your printed design.

What You’ll Need To Print DTG:

We highly recommend that you send us your design as a Vector file. This is so your design will stay crisp and sharp even when printed.

Alternatively, a PNG with a high DPI (300 dpi) is also fine, but we can not guarantee the same quality.

To make sure you’re happy with the final product, you’ll always get a free mock-up before we go through with production.

In Summary: The Pros & Cons Of DTG 

What You’ll Love About DTG Printing:  

  • Great for printing photos/photo-realistic designs. Water-based ink allows DTG to closely imitate surfaces with blended colours or gradients. This makes DTG the best option for printing photos. Skin tones, shadows, colour blending and gradients do the best with DTG.
  • Comfortable. DTG doesn’t add onto the weight or thickness to your shirt. This makes DTG printed shirts pleasant and breathable.
  • Detailed prints. Unlike screen printing, DTG allows you to print small details and different colours. 

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Less opacity. Water-based ink results in less opacity. As a result, colours may not be as vibrant and “crisp” as the original digital version. This does not obstruct the over all print.

How To Care For DTG Printed Clothes

Washing Instructions

  • Flip inside out, wash in cold water.

    This prevents your print from fading. Wash with similar colours.

    Use a mild detergent. Do not use detergents that contain bleach!

Drying Instructions

  • Flip inside out, dry at low tumble setting.

    If possible, take out the garment before it’s completely dry and hang it (out of sunlight) as repeated washes and excessive heat may fade the print. 

  • Hang dry, out of direct sunlight.

    Air/Hang drying  is one of the best ways maintain a DTG printed garment!

Ironing Instructions

  • Flip inside out, iron at a low heat setting.

    Ironing directly onto the print will cause it to melt, and warp your design. We also recommend to iron your garment with another cloth on top of it, just to be safe. 

General Care

  • Do not dry clean.

    Chemicals used in dry cleaning may harm and damage your print. 

  • Do not bleach.

    If you must, use a cloth and spot clean your garment.

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